Saturday, July 7, 2018

8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream - Doraville - Atlanta Georgia

You can find 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream at 5090 Buford Hwy Ste 101, Atlanta, GA 30340 in the southern end (to the left facing the plaza) - this is the Intown Plaza shopping center that's also the home of Tempo Doeloe and Spicy Ga Ga Duck. Frankly the parking is pretty tight and you will have a hard time finding a space in the designated parking lot on busy nights, although this has improved a bit as other "roll-it-up" style ice cream business has opened nearby. 

8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream was the first of this style ice cream shop of which I became aware in Atlanta - it's my understanding that there may have been others (or the reference may have been for the Duluth location? Not sure). With this style ice cream cream, fresh fruit, chocolate and a whole slew of other ingredients are chopped-up and mixed using broad-bladed drywall-style knives on a stainless steel top that's continually cooled with Nitrogen. The result is a delicious "fresh" ice cream that's rolled into tubes and fit into an ice cream pint. You typically choose the base and add whipped cream and toppings so you get a really delicious ice cream Sunday that's exemplified by the natural ingredients, instead of all the sugar and fat found in most US ice creams.

I've eaten at this location about a dozen times - it's a favorite for my regular Buford Highway "Clawr" group. The interior is modern-industrial with lots of natural finishes, wood-top tables and flooring. There's a menu to the right of the counter where you order, fast-casual style. The basic ingredients, chocolate sauce and three toppings are usually included in the single price. My favorites:
  1. OMG - Green Tea and Oreo
  2. Sexy Georgia - Thai Tea and Peach
  3. Minions - Mango and Pineapple
  4. Black Humor - Original, OREO, Brownie, Chocolate Sauce
  5. Butter Pecan - Original, Almond Butter, Pecan
I usually add whip, slicked banana, pecans and chocolate syrup. My friend John F. likes to get the marshmallow, which is hit with a torch to give it that open-fired, roasted texture and flavor.

This is really my favorite style of ice cream - it doesn't hit you in the guy with sugar like the Gelato places and the fruit holds their its distinctive flavor. The walls are covered by post-it notes with short notes or doodles - not sure how that stated but it makes the place feel very well loved. The service here is very good - they're super efficient at getting you your order and you can tell they take great pride in their work.

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