Monday, July 9, 2018

Cafe Mozart Bakery - Doraville - Atlanta Georgia

You can find this location of Cafe Mozart Bakery at 5938 Buford Hwy NE Ste 109, Doraville, GA 30340 - this is a plaza-style shopping center just north of Oakcliff Rd on Buford Highway outside the perimeter. Treat your Feet and Manilla Mart are also in this same plaza. There's limited parking out front but a lot to one side.

I've been going to the "other" "Cafe" Mozart Bakery for many years, the one inside the perimeter next to Hello Chicken and Sinaloense Pollo Asados. It seemed strange to me that there would be two so close together but apparently one is privately owned and this one further north is part of a franchise - from the website there appears to be several locations around Atlanta and in Dallas.

I first entered this newer location shortly after opening so the photos reflect the new space. On the night I visited with my wife there were few customers (granted it was close to their closing time and they hadn't yet had their grand opening). My first impression of the space was "beautiful" - it has a loft/industrial feel with painted concrete floors, rich finishes and some fantastic slab-walnut tables. The bakery is extremely stylish with clean lines and well thought out spaces. It's well list and well stocked with plenty of Asian-inspired pastries and breads, both savory and/or sweet in beautiful packaging - much like you would find in the nearby White Windmill and former Maum Bakeries.

I love Asian bakeries - maybe because I'm Asian?  Well, actually it's because they tend to have less sugar which works better for my taste preferences. While there's much to be said for sugar and there are some fantastic bakeries around (Alon's comes to mind), most of the Americanized Euro-bakeries seem much too sweet to me. I don't know how people can eat that stuff all the time - even the non-sourdough breads seem slightly sweet. Asian bakeries, on the other hand, seem to have many more savory options and the sweet baked goods are sweet but not over-the-top death-by-sugar confections.

On this night we hit this new Cafe Mozart after enjoying Korean Tofu pots at Cho Dang across the street and noticing the sign. We were more curious than hungry but still managed to speak to the staff and split a coffee and a single almond dessert. The staff were quite kind and accommodating and answered all our questions. I've since dropped in a couple of more times - the service is efficient and very business-like, the baked items I've tried very good and the place kept immaculate. In all a great experience.

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