Saturday, March 17, 2018

Taqueria Los Rayos -

You can find Taqueria Los Rayos at 3473 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA 30319 where Clairmont crosses Buford Highway just south of the Deering crossing. This is a free-standing building that used to have some fast-food joint like a DQ or Del Taco and it still has the same basic footprint - parking is all along the edges and there's an unattached covered patio in part of the parking lot so you can eat outside. There's a remnant of a drive-through which appears to still be in operation.

I've eaten here before, coincidentally on both occasions it was with my usual Buford Highway Restaurant Crawler group - this second time was much better than the first (the first time there was a rather unpleasant sewer backup going on and the smell was hard to get past). You order at the counter at Taqueria Los Rayos and then pick up the food as it comes up. On this Wednesday evening there was on person at the counter and one in back - otherwise it was empty. As with other local area Latino joints, this place caters to the many who live in the nearby apartments and can easily walk by.

The food here is fairly authentic - very typical of what you might find in Mexico City or elsewhere in central Mexico. The tacos are double wrapped in corn tortillas and have a hefty serving. I had this meat plate - don't remember what it's called on the menu but it had beef, pork and bacon with sides. Good but a bit much for a single serving. Make sure you order a Mexican Coke with your meal - a bit of a given - you can thank me later.

Service here is quite good if sparse - I think everyone enjoyed their food. The carne asada I tired was good if a bit dry. Note that there aren't really any vegetarian options - this is more of a taco dive.

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