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Nam Phuong Vietnamese - Chamblee Altanta Georgia

You can find this location of Nam Phuong at 4051 Buford Hwy NE, Ste A, Atlanta, GA 30345- this was previously the location of the exceptional Pho #1 sharing the same limited parking - careful that you don't block the other end (near the Asian grocer).

I was a bit hesitant to try Nam Phuong for quite a while as I had a hard time reconciling the changeover from Pho #1, one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. I finally broke down and found that if anything, Nam Phuong is even better! The pho here is top-notch with the rich broth you would expect from the better pho restaurants. What's remarkable is that the menu is extensive and full of delicious items - this has become my new go-to restaurant for pho and Vietnamese, it's just that good and consistent. 

The menu as mentioned is quite extensive but look at the Daily Specials in front - all I've tried are exceptional. Next are sections for: Kha Vi (appetizer rolls), Vietnamese Street Foods, Banh Hoi (Create Your Own Rolls), Goi (salad), Chao (rice porridge), Sup (soup), Bo Kho (beef stew), Pho (beef noodles soup), Hu Tieu, Mi (noodles soup), Bun (vermicelli), Hu Tieu & Mi Zao (Pan fried noodles), Com Tam (rice plates), Com Chien (fried rice), Do Xao (wok dishes), House Specials, Mon Chay (vegetarian dishes), Family Dinners for 2-10, Giai Khat (beverages), and Mon Moi.

If you want an interesting appetizer, try the  Bot Chien - Pan friend rice cubes. These delicious starchy cubes are encrusted with fried egg and green onion and served with a vinegary soy - so delicious.


My favorite rolls are the Thit nuong cuon - BBQ pork rolls - these delicious smokey pork rolls are, I believe, the best I've ever had. The peanut sauce is thick and rich and spot-on. I could eat a couple of orders of these and call it a day. 

I've also had the shrimp rolls (to appease the pork haters) and they are good but after trying the BBQ pork they seem to lack in something (jaded, I know).

Muc rang muoi (salt and pepper squid) - you basic fried squid

Ca ri de (goat curry) - delicious in a creamy curry served with steamed rice or vermicelli or French bread)

Ga rau cai (chicken with vegetables) in Black Bean Sauce - they know how to use a wok for sure!

From the Daily Special menu, the Co'm suron bo (rice plate with grilled beef) is basically the same as Korean style Bulgalbi served with a side of rice. It's an awesome backup plan if you're just not feeling the Vietnamese goodness...

Papaya salad with shrimp and chicken - quite good and I think there's actually some papaya in it (I always question this at other restaurants).

Com tam thit nuong bi cha (Rice plate combination) -  BBQ pork, shredded pork, egg quiche and egg - this is an awesome mixed combo plate and quite filling.

I usually settle for the pho, and in particular the chicken pho (pho ga) or pho with chin (well done brisket), tai (eyeround steak) and nam (flank).

The service here is usually quite good - however the place is regularly slammed with lots of big parties sharing huge meals so account for that. Better to come during weeknights at slightly off hours (early evening or late - early is better). The only real negative is the parking - when it's busy there is none - almost better to park across the street and walk over.

-- John Eaton

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