Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wild Heaven Craft Beers

You can find Wild Heaven Craft Beers at 135b Maple St Decatur, GA 30030 - while this is a Decatur address the location is on the back-side on the border of Avondale Estates and I would consider it more of an Avondale business. Parking is within a small lot next to the brewery or along several streets - there seems to be enough at any time except during festivals.

I've now visited Wild Heaven on several occasions and it's become one of my favorite local brands. Wild Heaven is one of the better reasons to visit Decatur, in my opinion, offering up a really fantastic and friendly brewery experience along with some of the best in craft beer that Atlanta, Decatur and Avondale Estates has to offer. I include all three as I'm sure, with the quality of their product, each will claim ownership - they're just that good.

 On this day I met with friends who share a common UYE managed by Michelle T and Kwame O that focuses on beer and settings for enjoying beer: UYE: Atlanta Breweries #6 And there were about 8 people attending. It also happened to be the day of a local Decatur festival so the place was quite hopping (see what I did there?) with tons of visitors - there was even a shuttle from nearby locations to the brewery as well as some food providers set up in the yard. I managed so run into some other friends at the venue as well.

  The interior of Wild Heaven occupies an old warehouse with plenty of local history and ambience to match. Counters on a long wall allow you to sample using tokens - I'd recommend that you stick with some of the seasonals or rarities as those kegs empty the fastest. As usual my favorites were the high-grav beers and in particular theEschaton, an amazing Belgian Quad and the Civilization, an English Barleywine but even the old standbyes Invocation, a Belgian Strong Golden and Ode to Mercy, an Imperial Coffee Brown Ale are way above average (I've had both of those before so I only sipped from some other glasses). 

Once we got going with a brew or two we sat outside and enjoyed the great weather. We all eventually ordered some food from the outside vendors - the BBQ I tried was OK but nothing special. In all we all had a great time and I'm looking forward to another excuse to visit this great brewery!

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