Sunday, June 19, 2016

Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs - Buford Highway - Doraville Atlanta Georgia

You can find this location of Baldino's Giant Jersey Subs at 5697 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340, just about across the street from the Buford Highway Farmers Market. This is a free standing building with limited parking so best to come as a group (you can thank me later).

I don't write about sub-shops much as I'm really not a big sandwich fan, with the exception of burgers and Reubens. Usually if I'm out with friends and they want to get the classic sub, we head to Subway - it's easy, predictable and they usually have some deal on a 6" sub. Occasionally we'll hit Firehouse or Wich Wich if there's one nearby but honestly I've had maybe 2 subs in the last year or so - it's just not something that comes to mind when I'm thinking lunch.

I had heard about this location of Baldino's for some time via neighbors and friends and happened to be in the area on my own so I decided to drop in. This was one afternoon after running some errands, so the line only had about 6 people in it and the restaurant was only half-full. You come up to the counter where you see the options on the boards up-high. There's also a daily special for $3.79 - what? Can they really be that cheap? Turns out that Baldino's is not only awesomely delicious, but also super cheap! You can get out of this place super cheap, I think I spent around $7!

The menu features all the regular cold-cut combinations you will find elsewhere plus a few items unique to this chain like the Italian Battalion with extra pressed ham, boiled ham, hard salami, cappacola, peppercini and provolone cheese; and the American Army with extra turkey, boiled ham, roast beef & provolone cheese. They also welcome the challenge of making those gigantic party subs - can't wait to order one of those for a party!  

Today I went with the current daily special, the #7 Baldino's Extra Special with thinly sliced layers of pressed and boiled ham, extra provolone, extra salami and cappacola on a wheat roll with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and extra jalapenos, upgrading with chips and a soda. It took less than 10 minutes for the sandwich to be ready. The first thing you notice is how big this is for a 6" sub. The second, as you take that first bite is the quality of the bread - Baldino's bread puts Subway's bread to shame - this soft hoagie/Italian roll is both delicious and super soft. The third thing you notice is the layering of flavors, where each of the meats combine with the cheese and spreads - you get both the combination of flavors and each distinct flavor as you chew. I may have just converted to sandwiches!

I thought the people behind the counter very nice, if very business-like and straightforward in what they're doing - it's obvious they are very used to big lines and fact processing times. The restaurant was very clean and appeared to be full of local workers and business men - nary a hipster in the joint. I had a great experience, totally unexpected with great food. If you like subs you'll love this place. If you don't like subs you'll still love this place!

-- John

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