Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kabobish - Near Gwinnett Place Mall - Duluth Atlanta Georgia

You can find Kabobish at 3555 Gwinnett Place Drive, Duluth, GA 30096 between Pleasant Hill Rd and the parking lot for Gwinnett Place Mall. It's kind of behind the Panda Express and Wendy's on the main drag and just short of the really fantastic Breakers Korean BBQ. Parking is in the lot out front and to the side - there's plenty.

I found out about this place by accident and took a special trip out to try it out one weekend afternoon. The exterior has a red-and-black striped awning and they occupy the corner of a row of buildings. The interior has a chain-restaurant, fast casual feel (I'm not sure what it was before but suspect a different restaurant) - there are exposed beams in the ceiling - I"m guessing something Latino? In any case, you walk in and get in line to order at the corner - in the front you'll see these really beautiful copper tandoor ovens but they weren't fired up while I was there. 

The menu was listed on monitors above the counter and exposed kitchen - lots of glass and stainless steel with simple furnishings - it has all the earmarks of a chain but I couldn't find out any information on it while I was seated waiting for my food. From the website (look for kabob-ish) this may be the first of a new concept with a focus on healthy foods (and yes I approve - it seemed to be an Indian take on Zoe's and included some Mediterranean and Caribbean options). It took about 10 minutes for the food to arrive. 

 I wanted to sample the most that I could so I opted for a combination of two kabobs, the Chicken Tikka and the Saffron Tikka (chicken). Both were really moist and delicious with the infused marinades and slightly crusty flame broiled flavors that I've come to love. Next time I'll try the shrimp and lamb.  I asked for both kinds of rice and while I did eat them, I thought they were pretty bland but maybe that's the point? They did offer a contrast to the very flavorful meats. You also get a bit of salsa fresca, some fresh sliced onion and a lime (similar to what you might find with tandoori chicken at an Indian or Pakistani restaurant). There are additional side sauces including some chili that I liked quite a bit.

The service was, well counter service so I can only say that the person behind the register was very knowledgeable and made some recommendations from my questions - very kind and I could tell she really liked the food (she recommended the jerk for something different but for my first visit I demurred). Overall a top-notch experience for a single diner on a sleepy afternoon.  I think this is a fine concept and I look forward to dining again.

-- John

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