Monday, May 9, 2016

H&F Burger - Ponce City Market - Atlanta Georgia

You can find H&F Burger at 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta 30308 in Ponce City Market on the lower level - what the call the "food court" but it's much more than that. Parking basically sucks at PCM - it's almost better to park elsewhere and walk to the location as the underground deck is tight, difficult to manage and a bit of an afterthought. 

I'll start off by saying that I love, love Holeman and Finch at their original location on Peachtree St in Brookwood. It's a really amazing place and the food there is very special - even the bartenders are special, the modernist wood interior, the racking and fixtures, all amazing and incredibly well done. While this location of H&F (Holeman & Finch) Burger is interesting and well done, it doesn't shine a candle to the original. The interior and fixtures are more pub-ish and mainstream, I just would have thought more effort would have been brought to the table when compared to the original location. Oh well - perhaps this is more a reflection of the Stadium or an effort to reach the plebeian masses, if so I'm not quite sure why they're in PCM - it seems a bit of a sham.

Regardless of the esthetic, H&F Burger is really about the food, and in particular the famous double cheese burger and I'm happy to say that it's quite as good as what you would receive in the original location. However I'm unhappy to say that you might want to go somewhere else for a burger if $12 seems a lot to pay - that's right, $12 for just the burger, forget about the fries. If this seems rather exorbitant, than I'm with you - it seemed even more pricey considering the take-out to be shared with friends upstairs. I also don't believe waiting in line for 30 minutes for take-out is very cool, but I'll concede that it's a new place, it was a weekend and there were massive crowds.

Before you get all nasty at me for being cheap, etc. I must say that I am cheap, etc. I like a bargain much like anyone else, in fact many of the restaurants I visit are as much for the quantity of food and inexpensive price than for the quality of the food (in other words, I reduce my expectations on cheaper food but still seek the best bargain for the best food). It's just my opinion, but for $12 you would think that the burger included fries, chips or some inexpensive side. Nope, just a "Thank you" for overpaying for ground beef.

So to summarize, the burger tastes awesome, but the wait and cost remove any reason for me to revisit. Due to this, I'm giving this a neutral 3/5 stars.

-- John

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