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Mojito's Cuban-American Bistro - Norcross - Atlanta Georgia

You can find Mojito's Cuban American Bistro at 35 S Peachtree St, Norcross, GA 30071 right on the Norcross town square. This restaurant is a favorite among locals with excellent drinks and great Cuban food. Parking is along the curb in front of the restaurant or via lots behind the square or there's a general lot along the railroad tracks.

If you haven't been to Norcross I'd say that you've been missing out on a lot of great food. I took the opportunity to take some friends to the Norcross square for a day - the idea was to do a mini-crawl where you have a drink at one end with an appetizer or two and travel around to as many places as you can stand, having one beer or drink and something to eat until you run out of steam. Mojito's ended up being number two or three of this mini-crawl.

Mojito's is a fairly small place that's narrow and long with a bar along the right side as you walk in. The bar can hold about a half-dozen or so - the rest of the restaurant I think has about 20 tables that can manage 4 people each. There's also some overflow to a small sidewalk patio that can provide for a couple of tables - nice when the weather is participating. The ambiance is a comb of ethnic, bistro and warm homey goodness - I really liked the atmosphere quite a bit. Service is exceptional with plenty of support for your questions and super friendly people.

Of course if you come here you should sample the mojito - if you haven't had one, this tart and minty concoction is typically made from a liquor derived from sugarcane or rum - something sweet and strong. The tartness gives it much the same quality of a margarita - sweet and sour, but the wine and the overall cleanliness of the drink is different. The fresh mulled mint and sugar makes it much more refreshing - it's a fantastic accompanying of the Cuban-influenced food. Mojito's also offers up your more common margarita and other mixed drinks if mint aint'-yer-thang or you can try the fruity sangria.

There's quite a bit of awesomeness on the menu - try the pork in any form if you're not sure what you want. I haven't tried the tamales but will the next time I come here to dine. The other thing to look at is the Creme of Calabasa soup - creamy, cheesy and full of butternut squash and pumpkin, it looked delicious. They also have one of my favorite Cuban dishes, Vaca Frita on the menu - I feel sure that the do a great job with this dish, it's much less common than the Ropa Vieja. Lastly, go with the Cuban Sandwich or a few empanadas.

For us, besides the obligatory Mojitos, we ordered the Mojito's Sampler. This was a huge plate of appetizers including ham croquettes, beef empanadas, yuca fries and stuffed plantains. In a word, delicious. In another couple of words, very filling. We were very sated by the time we stumbled on to the next restaurant.

Make sure you try Mojito's if you're in the area - you can thank me later.

-- John

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