Friday, January 22, 2016

Mi Cocina Tex-Mex - Midtown Atlanta Georgia

You can find Mi Cocina at 1080 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309 pretty much in the heart of Midtown at the Southern end of the Bank of America Financial Center. It's in the same cluster as Ribalta, RA Sushi and Bantam + Biddy - you'll see a curved black marquee with white lettering. Parking is around back - I didn't use it so I'm not sure if they validate and of course it's pay-to-park most everywhere unless you go down the hill a couple of blocks and park on the street.

The restaurant is very nicely done with a modernist interior and expansive bar. I met several friends there and had drinks and shared appetizers - this was before DJ Robert Ansley was to show at 6:00 PM to spin a few (or queue up as the case may be). 

This place has a lot of menus so now for my first pet peeve - too many menus! Yeah I know it makes sense for a lot of places to have multiple options and menus, especially when seasons change. But just as it becomes confusing when you're given a phone book of options, too many pieces of paper to look at can also confuse you and make it much harder to order. If you find something and continue looking, it takes a bunch of time to find it again to explain it to your server. Maybe I'm just turning into a curmudgeon.

Two drinks and splitting up some apps cost me about $20 before tip - not too bad considering the location as Midtown can be quite pricey. I did think the portions were a bit small on the nachos but in general I don't like pre-prepared nachos as they were presented - this is another pet peeve of mine - getting 8 chips that already have stuff on them just doesn't seem like nachos to me - I like them piled up with many toppings with cheese melted all over everything - if you're looking for those it's not what you're going to get. Even though these were very tasty and surprisingly filling, they lose something for me in sacrificing to the esthetics of plate presentation. All the food was wonderfully garnished and very attractive but in my opinion something get's lost - maybe it's the interactivity of sharing a pull-apart food.

Regardless of my own pet peeves, I thought the food and service very good. Prices are a bit higher than what I'm used to (but then again I do live about a mile from Buford Hwy where it's all passable to great and super cheap, so take my opinion with a grain of salt). I do think this is a good choice if you're in midtown and you're looking for Tex-Mex.

-- John

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