Friday, December 4, 2015

Savage Pizza - Little Five Points on Moreland Ave - Atlanta Georga

You can find this location of Savage Pizza at 484 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 in what's known as Little Five Points. This is to the right of The Junkman's Daughter when facing that venerable local store in a short strip mall, with the restaurant on the end closest to Junkman's.

This is, I believe my second visit to this location of Savage at this location, as I remember if more fondly at the older location on North Highland - I used to travel by it when going to work as it was between where I lived in L5P and Indigo Coastal Grill (the last restaurant where I worked, across from the first Alon's location on North Highland). Savage was one of those fantastic pizza options in an area that had several (both Fellini's and Johnny's were closer to my old home). I just always preferred Savage due to the fantastic dough and fresh ingredients. I'm happy to report that Savage is just as good as I remembered it from the old location in it's new home, closer to L5P's "heart."

If you've never been to a Savage Pizza location, you'll note that the concept includes many covers from classic Marvel and DC comic book covers. I remember fondly the Silver Surfer mural at the original location and much of that flavor has been retained at this new location (my apologies for referring to this as "New" as it's been at this location for some time - old habits). This is a smaller restaurant with very limited parking, and yes, there is an annoying attendant that will try to get you to pay - just make sure you tell him your there for Savage and he should allow you to park without handing over your greenbacks.

Besides great pizza you can chug down several local craft brews and get great service, something L5P isn't necessarily known for. On this occasion we ordered a couple of pies and they were very good. The weather was clear if a bit cold and the experience quite fine with good friends - you can't do much better than that.

-- John

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