Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pho 24 - Buford Hwy - Doraville Atlanta Georgia

You can find Pho 24 at 4646 Buford Hwy, GA 30340 in the no-mans-land alongside Peachtree Dekalb Airport South of Chamblee (Doraville) and before you get to Dresden (traveling South on BufHwy).

Pho 24 is probably better known as a 24 hour restaurant serving Pho and other Vietnamese fare at all times - this restaurant basically doesn't close. I first learned about it through some of my Vietnamese friends who live in town - this is their go to place for Pho, especially in the wee hours (seems they are the most active at night). I've written about this restaurant before as a Yelp review, first visiting in 2011 - since then I've visited many times and decided it was time for an update.

The exterior isn't much to write home about - the restaurant occupies one end of a short shopping center that also features Purnima Bangladeshi cuisine on the opposite end - parking can suck a bit as both of these restaurants can become quite busy, especially on weekends. I tend to visit Pho 24 after most other restaurants have closed. The interior is surprisingly spacious with dividers and high-backed banquets breaking up the sight lines of the room. Above the smoothie counter are neon letters providing a bit of mood lighting, otherwise it's your average quick-bite style restaurant.

The menu is well designed with separate sections for: appetizers, Banh Mi, Pho, Co'm, Co'm Chien, Bun, Bo Kho, Goi, Dac Biet, Giai Khat, and Sinh To smoothies. Pick anything at random for a treat.

I typically order the basil rolls with shrimp and pork and am especially fond of the peanut sauce at Pho 24 - it's quite good and the rolls are always very fresh.

Although I occasionally go for the beef (I like the brisket quite a bit) I usually go for the pho ga (white meat) - I think this must be my American upbringing as I can't get past a great bowl of chicken soup, and this indeed is a great bowl.

The service here is always very good with plenty of good-English-speaking young lads to do my bidding - seriously the people that work here are very attentive and seem to know when you need something before you know it yourself. Have I had better pho? Yes. Have I had worse? Yes. Extra points for being open 24 hours pulls up the rating to 4/5 stars.

-- John

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