Monday, November 30, 2015

Friendly's - Logan Airport Boston Massachusetts

You can find this Friendly's at Logan International Airport, Terminal A, past security near Gate 1. This is right across from a seating area so you can relax while munching on food and a great shake.

I first learned of Friendly's via my friend Alec P - we stopped when I helped him move to Atlanta many years ago. When I spotted this location at the airport I just had to order something. When looking at the menu I spotted something unusual, a Lobster Roll - well we are in Boston so of course I had to order this. I questioned the staff-member behind the register and she was quite helpful, especially in recommending an ice cream flavor for a Fribble - what's this you say? This is Friendly's name for a hand-spun milk-shake! I went with the cookies-and-cream and both it and the lobster roll were quite good and much more than I expected.

So what are you waiting for? If you're reading this review you're probably either in the same Terminal or you're standing in front of Friendly's trying to figure out what to order. You won't be sorry with either of the selections I made - can't wait to hit this place during my next Boston trip!

-- John 

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