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Chuy's Tex-Mex near Perimeter Mall Dunwoody Georgia

You can find Chuy's at 118 Perimeter Center W., Atlanta, GA 30346 in the same shopping center anchored by Barnes and Noble Books - it's a standalone building that formerly was a Brazilian steakhouse called Fires of Brazil. This is near the back-side of Perimeter Mall and can be walked to from the parking lot behind Von Maur. Parking is anywhere around the restaurant with overflow stretching to the right side behind the building. Alternatively you can park in the large lot in front of the B&N Books.

I've been meaning to update my review for some time as I've been coming to this location consistently several times a month since it opened. Initially I had given it a rather poor review but I've felt for some time that my initial take needed to be updated. This is that time.


Chuy's is a chain that comes out of Austin Texas and as such qualifies well as Tex-Mex, however I find the flavors more like those I found while visiting New Mexico - mostly in the use of Hatch Chiles (sometimes called New Mexico Chiles) - these are really special chiles that deliver more of a back-heat punch and have a smokey flavor you don't typically find in green chiles like jalapenos (you do get a hint of what I'm talking about in a chipotle). The very special flavors these impart provide a not-so-subtle difference that you will enjoy immensely, if you like Mexican food. While in Albuquerque I especially liked the Hatch Chile and Posole soups (especially the red) - make sure you try one if you're ever out that way. Chuy's has several uses of the Hatch Green Chile - my favorite is the Steak Buritto. I'm also a big fan of their salsa - it's a handmade salsa cruda or salsa fresca that, along with the hand rolled tortillas places Chuy's way above the curve, in my opinion, transforming the common into the special.

The fantastic Dog-themed bar...

The exterior of Chuy's makes great use of the former Fires of Brazil, but adds stucco, a pastel Mexican color scheme and a lanai-like patio covered in natural palm-leaf fronds. The patio is a bit hot during the summer but is very enjoyable in the Spring/Fall months and even in winter through the use of tall propane heaters. The interior is very eclectic, starting with a really chopped up space that Chuy's has taken to a new level by covering every surface in some interesting thematic and kitchie artifacts. Each room has some special focal point based on an aspect of, supposedly Austin or Tex-Mex life. There's a car room covered in hubcaps, a room full of mysterious Mexican art by a surrealist painting his dreams, accompanied by Nelson bubble lamps. There's even a tribute to Elvis in one area and really, there's no lack of stuff to capture your (buzzed) attention.

Party time...

I've now eaten at this location dozens (yes you've read that right) times, have held two holiday parties here (they are great for this as they have several rooms that can be used), hosted several lunches for ProductCamp Atlanta and have catered many, many times from Chuy's. It's located across the street from my old office location so it's been a great spot to hit after work. They have an awesome happy hour that includes discounted drink prices and a free nacho bar. Of course now that my office has moved to Northpark, I'm not visiting quite so often, but still manage to come in a couple of times a month.

ProductCamp Atlanta Lunch:


Happy Hour Nacho Bar:

 Drinks after work...


For food, these are my favorites:

Grilled Chicken Salad - get the jalapeno parmesan dressing. For when I feel like I need a few less calories.

Fajita Chicken or Fajita Beef Burrito - this one has the red sauce applied

Tacos Al Carbon with beef or chicken - these are delicious with huge portions.

Baja Tacos with Grilled Fish  (looks like the above only with fish or shrimp)

Steak Burrito with hatch green chile sauce - this is my favorite item on the menu.

Chicka-chicka Boom Boom - chicken and green chile encheladas  - love this - it's my second favorite after the Steak Burrito.

Chicken or Steak Fajitas - these are a bit basic but offer something familiar for that picky eater in your life.

Elvis Presley Memorial Combo - only get this if you're extremely hungry or willing to split it  It's huge with lots of fried stuff (not the photo below)

When you get your chips and salsa, they'll generally bring a side of the jalapeno parmesan dressing as a dip - if they don't make sure you ask for it. It's good on everything!

Service here can be hit-or-miss sometimes, especially when they're busy. Generally it's very good but it keeps me from giving them a 5/5 rating. They have good deals on margarita pitchers and they've got plenty of icy 420's in the cooler. Prices can be less than $10 without tip but generally is more.

Buen Apetito!

-- John

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