Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chinese Dhaba - Global Mall Food Court on Jimmy Carter

You can find Chinese Dhaba at 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071 in the food court at Global Mall on the West side of Jimmy Carter from I85. This spot has several interesting Indian restaurants including the much visited Ashiana on the ground floor. Chinese Dhaba shares the food court with several other restaurants like Sri Krishna Vilas.

I've you've never had Indian style Chinese food you're in for a treat. The food in general is very spicy with quite a bit of heat - I used to visit Hot Wok on Tilly Mill back in the day and the food here is similar, only you order at a window instead of from a menu seated. Indian Chinese food tends to be served two different ways, with or without gravy. I prefer the "dry" or no gravy style as I think the flavors are better but the choice is yours - note that the "wet" style tends to be runnier than you would typically find in Chinese restaurants that aren't Indian style.

Chinese Dhaba is a no frills operation with a limited menu including some of my favorites. There are also photos conveniently arranged on the wall so you can get an idea of what you're buying. This was my first time trying the food so I went with something spicy - the Chicken Chili (dry). It came with a plate of white rice and a pile of wok-fried, lightly breaded chicken covered on peppers and green onions. They'll also provide a side of chili-sauce that's quite good - I piled it all on and was finished in less than 10 minutes. The flavors were spot-on and delicious - also the spice level here is a bit higher than your typical American palate. At $7.50 the Chicken Chili (dry) is delicious and a spicy bargain - if you're a fan of spicy food I think you'll love this dish.

I don't normally recommend food-court restaurants but both Chinese Dhaba and Sri Krishna Vilas are worth trying.  Ashiana downstairs is also OK for a quick bite - the buffet is rather limited but you can get in-and-out very quickly, plus the people running it are very kind. The service at Chinese Dhaba seemed a bit lackadaisical to me but I can see how working in a mall would do that to you, especially when dealing with dumb Americans who aren't familiar with the menu.

Next time I visit I'm going for the Chicken 65 and perhaps another round of the Chicken Chili.

-- John

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