Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chris Pizza House - Toco Hills - Atlanta Georgia

Chris' Pizza House is located at 2911 N Druid Hills Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30329 near Famous Pub and Petite Auberge in the Toco Hills Shopping Center - around the corner is a "Kosher" Kroger (great location to shop for all your Passover needs). There's also the venerable Goldberg's Deli and Bagel (which has moved from the old location to the Eastern most side of the shopping center). I've been coming to Chris' for about 20 years, off-and-on and the food has been consistently good. Recently the restaurant is under new management and has been spruced up quite a bit with a modern interior (previously it was a bit garish in bright "Greek" blue and white - also the huge ficus trees under the skylight have been removed). Luckily the food is every bit as good as it was 20 years ago.

Chris' Pizza House is a Greek style pizza restaurant. I think I first encountered this style while living in Florida and indeed, the first time I took my friend Eric to Chris' he called it "a treasure" - Eric is originally from the Daytona Beach area and knows his food. Athens Pizza is another Greek style pizza establishment, with a few more menu options - I go to the location near Emory. What you'll find here are pizzas with a bit thicker crust that are a bit airier than neapolitan, more like a soft flat-bread. They can be had with gyro meat, feta cheese and delicious kalamata olives which changes the flavor composition quite a bit. The salads also feature similar compositions and a quite handy Greek-style dressing. You'll also find the typical gyro wrap and plate options you'd except of your typical Greek restaurant. All here are quite good.

Honestly, I usually come to this location for the pizza or gyro so I can't tell you much about the other Greek options. I expect the souvlaki and mousaka to be quite good, if the pizzas and gyros are any indication. The lunch deals here are also quite good and affordable and there's plenty of parking (the shopping center is quite large and busy), although the parking is a bit haphazard with weird throughways, probably due to the site being reconfigured over many years. Chris' is also a great source for takeout food.

My preference is to split a salad and have either a veggie or Chris' Special Pie (Pepperoni, Hamburger, Sausage, Feta Cheese, Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions). Or the salad plus the Gyro Plate will surely satisfy your appetite. I like the very thin-sliced onions, fresh tomato and the tsatziki sauce - quite good. I also like the avgolemono soup - quite lemony and something that really takes me back.

I love the exterior neon, especially the dancing Greek! Prices are reasonable and service is very good. Try it like Mikey!

-- John

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