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Indio Brewing Co - Sugar Hill Georgia

Indio Brewing Co Temporary Sign
 You can find Indio Brewing at 5019 W Broad St NE Ste M145, Sugar Hill, GA 30518 on the main drag by what looks like local city government.  Parking is in a shared lot or in a basement parking deck if you prefer. You walk from the lot or across a bridge to the building, which has multiple businesses and you'll initially see a Tavern - if you walk around the patio you'll eventually see the door for Indio Brewing.

Indio Brewing Co Folding Sign

Indio Brewing Co Exterior from Patio

I attended Indio Brewing on it's grand opening Saturday 2019.07.21 with Michelle T. and am writing this review the Sunday following. The place is pretty small with a bar that extends from the entry to the back until it hits the brights - seems to be a 5-7 barrel system. There's seating on the right and appears to handle about 25 or so people comfortably with all kinds of space outside on the patio - entering the place was pretty full. On this day it was fairly hot and I was confronted by a menu with 7 beer option and 3 new tapped options to be made available at intervals during the day. We each got a 3/4 pour (the options was 3/4 or full pint pour) and headed outside looking for a shady spot. The patio is fantastic with views of the water feature down below and a pretty amazing amphitheater - kudos to the City of Sugar Hill for providing such a beautiful space.

Indio Brewing Co Interior Bar

Indio Brewing Co Beer Menu

Indio Brewing Co Beer Special Releases

Indio Brewing Co Bright Tank

Indio Brewing Co Sugar Hill Amphitheater

For this initial visit we tried four beers:

* Sunrise Mango and Guava Sour - had a touch of salt so I suspect this is a fruited gose. Very easy drinking for a sour - in the Berliner or gose range with good balance of sugars to bitterness (hardly non). Dry body and finish.

* Tropical Thunder American IPA - Hazy with tropical notes mostly citrus, mango and guava - still a bit green with the typical throat burn, dry body and finish.

* Indio Sweet City New England IPA - Very solid NEIPA with great tropical notes, mostly citrus and juicy body. Dry slightly hoppy finish. This ended up being my favorite of the 4.

* Sour Patch Fruited Sour - Easy drinking sour, warm fruit flavors of pear, apple and citrus, quite good.

Indio Brewing Co Sunrise Mango and Guava Sour

Indio Brewing Co Tropical Thunder American IPA
Indio Brewing Co Indio Sweet City New England IPA

Indio Brewing Co Sour Patch Fruited Sour
I also had a chance to speak with the proprietor, Jonathan who was quite excited and eager to speak with us - seems he really likes the Torched Hop concept and eventually wants to do food too as a Brewpub (on this day there was a small Empanada popup Frita Kale-O which will be familiar to many of you who frequent the breweries) so of course we partook of a pair of empanadas too.

Empanadas from Frita Kale-O Pop-up

I thought this was a very find grand opening indeed with friendly service, relatively short lines and a good initial lineup - I'll be coming back and hope for great things from this brewery!

(review also posted to Yelp)
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