Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tap One Beer Festival - 2016.05.21 - Dunwoody Atlanta Georgia

You can find the Tap One Beer Festival at the Brookrun Park located at 4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338. This park is known for their dog-runs and pet friendly acceptance to locals in Dunwoody. There's some limited parking for the festival but you'll more than likely need to park along side streets. This review is for the event from 2016 (yeah it's older but I didn't want it to get lost). I've heard that the event in 2017 was a bit weaker than my own experience in 2016.

This is a smaller beer festival that's just outside the northern arc of the I285 perimeter. I met a couple of friends here and it was the amount of fun that I encountered attending that convinced me to start volunteering at festivals - that way that works is that you work a shift and then you're allowed to sample the second shift. You also get an event shirt (usually) and the mug or cup for sampling.

But I digress, as with most festivals the theme here is to try the various breweries that attends current beer or spirit offerings. On this day there were quite a few breweries and frankly I got pretty hammered. I learned from this to sample everything that I found interesting first, then go back for any exceptional brews so you can actually remember them. Also, if you're using the Untapped App, you should rate what you try as you go along - it will provide you notes of what you liked and why, plus give you a break from getting so sloppy drunk.

This festival was in a half-shady area of the park with a grandstand sort of in the middle - there's live music plus a few food vendors. I eventually had a burger from one of them and it was decent for park food. Many of the vendors also hand out stickers and other swag if you're inclined.

In all, this festival was lightly attended compared to others I've experienced - this is actually a good thing from the perspective of the attendee, if not for the vendors. Everything is really awesome in the vendor tents - these are mostly volunteers pouring and there's usually people from the various breweries on hand to answer questions. I rate this festival 4/5 stars for 2016 (but as I indicated earlier I've heard it the 2017 event wasn't as good).

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