Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mamak Malaysian Cuisine - Doraville Atlanta Georgia

You can find Mamak Malaysian Cuisine at 5150 Buford Hwy, Ste A-170, Doraville, GA 30340 in the Asian Square shopping center anchored by the Asian Supermarket. Mamak is on the right-side when viewing the Supermarket from the street, just a few doors down from the Doraville Sweet Hut location on the right-side corner. There's plenty of parking in the main market lot or if you're lucky you'll be able to park out front of the restaurant.


I've now eaten at Mamak on several occasions for both lunch and dinner and like the food here quite a bit. The interior is a bit sparse with light green walls and nice, industrial finishes. The place is a bit small so best to hit it during non-peak times - otherwise you may have to wait (the wait is worth it). I consider the cuisine more a fusion of Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and Chinese which seems to be common in most restaurants that originate in Malaysia or Indonesia as those seem to be melting pots of the surrounding countries. I think that most people who like Thai food will like the food here - it's very clean (more like Vietnamese) and relies on the actual flavors of the food rather than on heavy sauces. There's also a distinctly local take on turmeric that delves a bit more into Indian cuisine flavors - if you like all that I've described, you'll love Mamak. If there's something in there you don't like, don't worry, as there's enough variation that you'll be able to find something delicious that's to your liking (the cool thing about fusion in my opinion).

I've enjoyed every dish I've tried at Mamak - from the samosa-like fried meat and/or veggie pies to the delicious seafood dishes. I love the curries and noodle dishes as well - lots of interesting flavors and textures.

Roti Canai - I've had this before (at Thai Spice specifically) and it's very Indian style, your basic roti served with a curry sauce for dipping. I think this is the best version I've had with very distinct flavors.

Curry Puff Pastry - this is basically a samosa only using puff-pastry (it's the fried-pies I referenced above) - very interesting made this way with lots more emphasis on the container than typical.

Papaya Salad - this is an awesome version of the green papaya salad with a bit more fish-sauce and slightly spicier than I've had elsewhere.

Curry Laksa - Coconut milk curry with chicken, potato, cilantro - this is delicious and one of those signature dishes that combines Malay and China flavors.

Sambal Shrimp - Shrimp with sweet peppers, onion and okra in homemade sambal - slightly spicy and awesome. 

Hainese Chicken - Another classic dish, soft chicken served on pasta.

Kari Ayam - chicken curry with potatoes - delicious.

Mamak Tofu - fried tofu, shrimp, pork, egg and gravy - delicious and saucy, great over rice.

Service here is very good but the place is small and very busy so keep that in mind. They serve Malaysian Ice Coffee here which is worth trying (sweet with lots of condensed milk). I think if you like Asian cuisines you'll love Mamak as much as I do.

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