Friday, July 6, 2018

The Federal Coffee House - Peachtree Corners - Atlanta Georgia

You can find The Federal Coffee House at 6365 Spalding Dr STE D, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092- this is in an interesting shopping area that's made up of several small white connected-buildings that reminds me a bit of Seaside Florida (the movie "The Truman Show" was filmed on location at Seaside to understand where I'm coming from) - it's in the Northwestern quadrant made up by Spalding and Holcomb Bridge Roads. There are about a half-dozen parking spaces right in front but plenty of additional parking along the other buildings provided you don't mind a very short walk.

Federal Coffee was soft-opened by some friends of mine with a grand opening next Monday, July 9th 2018. They asked me to come by and provide some initial feedback on the coffee, the food, and the overall place-of-business, stressing that I should be honest (which I always feel compelled to be) so these are my initial impressions - I'll update once they've been opened for a while so we can compare. This is a fairly small shop tucked away into this corner of what used to be considered Norcross that is now Peachtree Corners. First impressions - as you walk in there's a long counter to the left with comfortable seating and a few tall tables on the right. Also to the left is a chalkboard style menu of the various offerings include hot coffees, real cold-brewed iced coffee, espressos and the like - the shop so far has no TV (thankfully) and free WIFI. When I walked in there were a few table occupied by people on their laptops.

Looking around the place has washed silver walls, vertically placed subway tile and a stainless-steel tile backsplash behind the pine-bar. A bit industrial chic mixed with comfortable chairs and stained-concrete floors. As you would expect from a new business there's still a hint of new in the air which I'm sure will be replaced by that comfortable feeling you get from being in a coffee shop - the only thing missing for me were bookshelves full of books to while away the time (but I guess that's been replaced by laptops and web surfing?). Also as you would expect the bathrooms (omni-sex) were fastidiously clean.

I was introduced to the staff while one of the partners (Curtis) talked about their coffee (supplied by Hansa Coffee Roasters out of Libertyville, IL  who "...specialize in coffees sourced from small, quality-focused families and cooperatives around the world. " - as far as I know this shop is the first in Atlanta to offer this brand). Curtis was well informed regarding the coffee and indicated that The Federal would rotate through many of Hansa's offerings as they determine what's liked best by locals - and this is indeed a local coffee shop, the likes you'll rarely find these days. Today there were three different bean offerings:
  1. Matriarch - this is a true cold-brew blend - I found it had a discernible fruity initial hit more like tea than coffee. Quite good and very refreshing
  2. Baltic Gold - this is the hot coffee for the day - another well balanced blend fairly low in acid
  3. Steelyard Espresso - this was what they were using for shots - this is fairly acidic and full bodied with noticeable hints of chocolate - I tried it both short and long pulled and liked the latter the best.
I sampled each coffee and also one of their specialty drinks - the surprisingly good Doctor 24 - this was an iced Dr Pepper with a shot of espresso and quite delicious, also a first for me as someone who is a bit jaded when it comes to coffee. I think what came to mind most was that each of the coffees I tasted could all be carried without any cream, sugar or any of that other fattening stuff (caramel, whip, etc.) - the coffee was of a quality that excelled at being good with simple/faithful brewing technique. One of my pet peeves is that coffee shoudln't need anything else to be drunk and enjoyed.

I also tried one of their muffins - a  Gluten Free Carrot and Raisin from Beans and Butter in Lawrenceville - quite good, very moist and just plain delicious. You can do much worst than to nosh on one of these. The staff in general was very engaging and anxious to show me their wares. 

So initial impressions: very clean, brand-spanking new, excellent products and a super accommodating staff. What more can you ask for?

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