Monday, July 9, 2018

Spicy Ga Ga Duck - Doraville - Atlanta Georgia

You can find Spicy Ga Ga Duck at 5090 Buford Hwy, Ste 109, Doraville, GA 30340 in the Intown Plaza shopping center. This plaza is also home to the very good Temp Doeloe (check that review) and China Hot Pot (aka Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot). The parking for this plaza is pretty tight but depending on your arrival time you should be able to find a space - might be a good idea to carpool just in case. 

I attended a meeting here of my regular Buford Highway Restaurant Clawr group - actually we had tried to come here once before but the guy was about to close, so this time we came earlier, only to find that you had to call ahead to get the whole duck (which is what we were the most interested in). This sparse, brightly painted place is more of a butcher than a restaurant - where fans can buy various animal bits like Duck head, neck, feet, wing, tounge or gizzard (similar for chicken), also cuts of beef tripe, stomach and tendon or pork ear, feet and leg. They also have several seafood items like crawfish, river snails and mussels. 


It's my understanding that this is a particular style of traditional Chinese cooking where the focus is on all the bits that are often discarded in the US. It's for a discerning palate and stuff you might find from street-food vendors in large Chinese cities. For Atlanta this is a way to get flavors you wouldn't otherwise find, perhaps to deal with a longing for home. Thus the clientele is made up mostly of Chinese nationalists.

We opted for two very similar dishes (we weren't aware how similar until we got them) - one was a soup with clear noodles and the other basically the same thing without the broth. I thought the broth fairly decent and the bits fairly fresh if very rich. I don't mind tripe, beef stomach, blood sausage and the like but I try to only get it in occasional bites - getting a huge bowl was a bit overwhelming. I think if you're looking for something interesting this might be the place to start - I'm not too sure if I'd have this as a destination.

The guy behind the counter was not very engaged, seeming to spend all his time on his phone, basically oblivious to us - I don't think we fit into his typical demographic.

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