Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yummy Garden - Great Wall Food Court - Duluth Atlanta Georgia

You can find Yummy Garden at 2300 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 in the Great Wall Supermarket about a block west of Satellite Blvd where it crosses Pleasant Hill Rd. I wrote about this during my last review for Best BBQ. When you walk into the supermarket Yummy Garden is the first business along the food court to the left. 

As mentioned previously, I met with a group of friends for a lunch UYE at the Great Wall Supermarket hosted by Tuong Vi P ( - basically about a dozen of us sampled various treats from one of about 5-6 restaurants in the food court. This food court specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine so you'll see variations of dumplings, saucy dishes, pork belly and Chinese BBQ. The Saturday was extremely busy with a full market and full food court - it took some time to gather together the many tables we needed and people kept coming to join our group.

At Yummy Garden, much like the other places in this exceptional food court, you order at the very busy counter and after 10-20 minutes you pick up your food. I did not order the food from Yummy Garden, focusing on Best BBQ towards the end. I did manage to sample two dishes:

Xiao Long Bao aka Chinese steamed soup dumplings. I thought these were delicious, with that little burst of liquid as you bite down. These are comparable to Chef Lui's and well worth trying.

Cumin Fish - this Sichuan dish is comparable to what you would get at the old Gu's or at Tasty' China and very delicious. They do a great job hear and it's super cheap.

I'll definitely come back to Yummy Garden - the only thing that's difficult to get past are all the options - the menu is amazing (it makes me wonder if the English version is different from the Chinese though).

-- John

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