Saturday, May 21, 2016

Humble House - Great Wall Supermarket - Duluth Atlanta Georgia

You can find Humble House at 2300 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 in the Great Wall Supermarket about a block west of Satellite Blvd where it crosses Pleasant Hill Rd. I've written my last three reviews about three other business in this same food court (Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine, Yummy Garden and Ping's Place) - you'll find Humble House in the middle of the row on the left along the entire wall Chinese food purveyors.

As mentioned previously, I met with a group of friends for a lunch UYE at the Great Wall Supermarket hosted by Tuong Vi P ( - basically about a dozen of us sampled various treats from one of about 5-6 restaurants in the food court. This food court specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine so you'll see variations of dumplings, saucy dishes, pork belly and Chinese BBQ. The Saturday was extremely busy with a full market and full food court - it took some time to gather together the many tables we needed and people kept coming to join our group.

Humble House also has a detailed and huge menu of Sichuan options and much like the other places in this exceptional food court, is a counter-order business as you would expect from a food court. I did not order the food from Humble House, focusing on Best BBQ towards the end. I did manage to sample a few dishes from their menu (photos of items all along the back wall - actually all of these restaurants used this method to communicate). I liked the food from Humble House the best from all the options I tired, maybe because I was able to sample the largest number of dishes:

Sesame Chicken - this seemed a bit out-of-place for this mall, more like what you would get at Panda Express than an authentic Chinese mall. It was less sickly sweet so maybe that's the lure - not something I normally would have ordered.

Pork Belly - this was the star the show,  accompanied with diced onion, garlic, leafy greens and rice. I'm not quite sure how this was cooked - it was fork tender and seemed sous vide? In any case, one of the best versions of pork in any fashion I've ever had. You can do much worse than order this dish. It's also more than enough to split between two people and at about $10-11 a sweet, sweet deal.

Spicy Chicken - this was similar to the Chicken with Sichuan Pepper you find at other restaurants specializing in Sichuan food. It's always a good fallback if you're not sure what to order. They do a good job her (I've had better at Gu's) but for food court food it's good and very cheap.

Cumin Beef - I don't know what it is about this dish but I really like it. The cumin provides a level of mouth-watering depth that makes you keep eating it even when your full. Delicious.

String Beans with Ground Pork - if you guys remember the old Little Szechuan, this dish is the closest I've had to the stir fried string beans from that memorable restaurant (the new location and version of the food basically sucks). This dish with the Pork Belly made my day.

Corn and Peas: now I'm not much a fan of corn so I only tried a bite. I had no real opinion of the dish - just seemed like a random veggie to have on a menu.

In all Humble House was the best of the four food-court restaurants I tired. You could easily bring a family in and come away super-cheap by eating family style - the hard part is finding a table - this place gets packed, at least during a Saturday lunch.

-- John

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