Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine - Great Wall Supermarket - Duluth Atlanta Georgia

You can find Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine at 2300 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 in the Great Wall Supermarket about a block west of Satellite Blvd where it crosses Pleasant Hill Rd. This is the market directly across from Sweet Hut Bakery. When you walk into the supermarket its along the food court to the left, all the way in back - look for tall black letters "CANTONESE CUISINE."

I met with a group of friends for a lunch UYE at the Great Wall Supermarket hosted by Tuong Vi P ( - basically about a dozen of us sampled various treats from one of about 5-6 restaurants in the food court. This food court specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine so you'll see variations of dumplings, saucy dishes, pork belly and Chinese BBQ. The Saturday was extremely busy with a full market and full food court - it took some time to gather together the many tables we needed and people kept coming to join our group.

Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine focuses on Chinese BBQ with several samples hanging from the display window. The menu offers many items, some I'm not very familiar with but the sections for Congee and Noodle Soup had the most options. I decided to try something a bit different so after studying the menu order the soup dumplings (one of my favorites) alone with the roasted duck. 

I stood in line for about 15 minutes as it was quite busy. Together these two took about 20 minutes to come to me with each dishes being delivered at different times. The woman behind the counter was a bit off-putting as I think she had some difficulty communicating with me - the next time I'll make sure I have someone with me that can translate a bit - not blaming her but anything beyond pointing at menu line items seemed to be a bit beyond what she could accommodate. 

The duck I thought was OK but I prefer the roasted duck you can find at Bo Bo Garden in Buford Hwy - the consistency was similar but the sauces at Bo Bo gives it more flavor - what I received at Best BBQ was just served on rice. The soup dumplings were delicious with a strong shrimp flavor - the broth was also quite good and not overly salty. I'm no expert in Chinese food, unfortunately growing up in the US offered up mostly the schwag Chinese food found in the likes of restaurants with names like "Golden Buddha" - you know what I mean, however I believe the flavors found in this mall are very authentic.

-- John

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