Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hop City - Inman Park at Krog Street Market - Atlanta Georgia

You can find this location of Hop City in Krog Street Market at 99 Krog Street NE, GA 30307, the beer provender occupies a shop with glass walls that face the hall from a covered courtyard, but what makes this place special is the side that faces the food court, which provides an eye-opening number of taps full of craft beer.

The store itself is a well stocked provider of grab-and-carry bottles of your favorite craft and oh, if you bring in your growlers make sure you get them filled with those hard-to-find specialty brews. Can't decide? Then queue up on the other side and grab a pint or stemmed glass (the higher ABV) of golden brown, hoppy deliciousness that you can enjoy again in the comfort of your own home. This is a fantastic venue to sample craft, especially local craft, while enjoying from one of the food vendors.

As an aside, this place becomes really busy with an amazing line, especially on weekends. I recommend coming during the week. Those pouring are incredibly knowledgeable about what they have so don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're really clueless ask the others in line, they may beam some attitude to you but I think you'll be surprised at the opinions and recommendations. Just know whether you like sour, hoppy, stout, etc. and you'll do fine. The servers get super busy and any attitude you may receive is more a product of success than anything else. In general the service is exceptional regardless of how busy they are.

My favorite modus operandi is to come with a friend or two and split up the tasks - half grab beer while the other grabs food. Thankfully, Hop City has a huge board featuring everything currently on tap -you basically peruse - and I do mean this in the original sense of study intently - the list of craft, I recommend in particular the local craft, until you see something that's interesting. Some get in line to pick up the pints while the rest head over to Gu's Dumplings for hot-and-spicy deliciousness to go with the hoppy pints. You belly up to one of the standing counters and trade off drinks-and-food until full and sweaty from the blistering hot Szechuan while people watching all the out-of-town deviants sampling townie ways. Afterwards head to Jeni's Ice Cream to cool off and you have the start of a great evening.

Start you ask? Why yes, at this point your fortified and ready for anything. Or you can get back into line and try another pint - yes, I think I will!

-- John

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