Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Viceroy Royal Indian Dining - Perimeter on Ashford-Dunwoody

You can find Viceroy Royal Indian Dining at 719 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Ste 104, Dunwoody, GA 30338 in the Perimeter Center shopping center anchored by Walmart. Viceroy is along the back edge furthest from Ashford-Dunwoody near Hobby Lobby. Parking is extensive all along the front of this leg of the shopping center with overflow into the Walmart lot. There are also many other food possibilities nearby.

This is another restaurant I've frequented for many, many years as it's the closest Indian lunch buffet to my work (Northpark). The other choices near Perimeter, Sandy Springs or Dunwoody have mostly left me cold. I'd always thought of Viceroy as fairly mediocre at best, however about two years ago it came under new management (you no longer have the scowling Indian woman at the register) and I must say that the food and service have both vastly improved.

The restaurant has a rather nondescript exterior that opens into a short foyer with a giant brass elephant. The interior, while by no means lush, does feature a nice bar (wine and beer only) with small tables and cloth table cloths and napkins. There is no obnoxious TV which to me is a boon. There are interesting artifacts on the walls and photos of beautiful Indian women (you'll have to find those). This is a very clean restaurant, a bit on the small-to-medium size for seating so if you want to entertain a large group it's helpful to call ahead. I've come here dozens of times with various visitors from India who have all been very impressed by the quality of the food.

The actual buffet line is on the small size with two hot tables and one cold, but don't be fooled by the lack of variety as all the food is very well spiced (if a bit toned down for the typical American) - I find the flavors spot-on and very good. The tables are separated into veg and non-veg which you'll find is a common practice (wouldn't want the non-veg kooties getting on the veggies, right?) The line also has a closed-door oven to keep the tandoori chicken hot, which, if you've ever had tandoori from a foil-covered hotel pan, is a vast improvement. The cold line in particular has improved with fresher ingredients and more pickles.

The dishes are usually comprised by some of the more common favorites like tikkas, pakoras and paneers, however you'll occasionally find some gems like the chicken vindaloo or chili chicken. There's usually at least one goat dish and two to three chicken dishes plus the tandoori chicken. There's usually a rice keer, mango pudding or similar for dessert. It's all quite good and much better than under the old management - I'm not sure if there's a new chef but something has obviously improved. I haven't eaten here for dinner and ordered off the regular menu, however I have catered from Viceroy on a few occasions and they've been very accommodating.

Fresh bread (naan) is brought to your table so it's always hot and supple - not like those places where it's chopped up and left to die a slow death on the hot table. Service here is quite exceptional - I'm not sure how they keep on so much staff on hand.

Lunch buffet is $12 - quite a deal for all-you-can eat of this quality.


-- John

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