Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Las Colinas Mexican Grill - Tucker GA on Main St

You can find Las Colinas Mexican Grill at 2327 Main St, Tucker GA 30084 in the heart of Tucker on Main St. It's nearly directly across from Local No. 7 and slightly down the street you'll find Matthew's Cafeteria across the railroad tracks.

When Rotagilla closed a few years ago I was hoping for something interesting to take its spot - Rotagilla was a cajun restaurant (Alligator spelled backwards, get it?) that featured live music on weekends - the food wasn't bad but for some reason it never garnered much of a following in Tucker. I may have been for the very excellent CAMP that was in the same spot previously and the Cafe at Main before that, a great breakfast spot (I still haven't found a replacement for the Tucker 8). In any case, when Las Colinas opened I thought "Gee, what we need, another swag-Mexican restaurant." Not that Las Colinas is horrible, but with Los Hermanos serving up such good food nearby I couldn't fathom how Las Colinas would survive - and somehow it's done just that.

The restaurant occupies a rather unusual structure that appears to have been at one time something of a retail space - there's a window that juts out that's crying for some visual merchandising, additional widows on either side and some interesting access points along either side (read that as entry doors) - this place was made to display your latest in clothing-dressed manikins or similar. The interior is just as chopped up, with several floor levels and odd nooks-and-crannies for tables and weird seating arrangements. When it was a cafe it was a bit more acceptable and provided some character - as a Mexican restaurant it's just weird and awkward.

The menu here is fairly extensive with most of your usual Tex-Mex, heavily Americanized dishes. I've tried a few items and nothing was really a standout, other than the Molcajete (more on that later). The salsa is fairly bland, the chips a little on the stale side and they have these giant margaritas for those so inclined - actually I think those are the best thing you'll find here. As for the Molcajete - this is basically a bucket of steak, chicken and shrimp with roasted peppers, tomatoes and a cactus leaf,covered in melted cheese. You fish about for the goodies that you spread on tortillas before stuffing your face - and indeed, that's what this dish will entice you to do. It's a bit greasy but you only live once, right?

The service here was a bit lackadaisical - the servers seemed to want to be anywhere but at your table. The prices are downright cheap. The food fairly mediocre - I'd normally give it 2/5 stars but I'll bump it up to 3 for the Molcajete.


-- John

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