Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fresh To Order - F2O - Midtown Atlanta Georgia

This location of Fresh To Order can be found in midtown, at 860 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, the Southwest quadrant of the Peachtree Rd and 7th St intersection - it's at the base of the Spire building that has Gordon Biersch on the other side. There's also a Five Guys in the same building and Starbucks is across Peachtree St.

I've eaten at this location a handful of times, mostly when meeting friends or occasionally doing business in the area. It's also a handy place to get a quick meal when coming to Dick Blick for art supplies. I've also eaten at the Sandy Springs location and both are very consistent with good service, considering that this is a "fast casual" restaurant. If you're new to that term, it usually means order-at-the-counter, better quality foods, nicer interior and higher prices. It translates into a place where you can gauge how long you'll be there by the line at the counter vs what you order (the latter factors into how long it takes you to eat). Service is generally better because you aren't relying on someone messing up your order at the table - instead the person at the counter can mess it up for you - kidding aside, you pay for the convenience of not having someone wait on you, which speeds things up considerably. When you pay for your order you get a stand for an oval number - make sure you grab it or there could be considerable confusion in the delivery of your order.

The interior of this location is very loft-like and industrial with modernist accents - I didn't think to take photos of the insides or exterior. Lighting is great and you can do some people watching through the windows if your so inclined - not much to see other than a bunch of cars and people coming in-and-out of Starbucks. It has the same chairs, tables and for the most part furnishings of other, more suburban F2O locations. The times I've been here, it's been very clean and reasonably busy. I've had salads and paninis and in general prefer the salads.

Tomato Mozzarella Panini with Tomato Basil Soup - your basic vegetarian soup-and-sandwich meal with balsamic vinaigrette.

Asian Chicken Crunch Panini with Market Salad - solid sandwich with hints of sesame oil, rosemary and an avocado aioli.

Market Salad with Chicken - this is my go-to dish, dispensing with the bread. It's filling and reasonably low calorie (sparing on the dressing).

In the past I've also had the Grilled Chicken BLT and the Asian Salad with Almond Encrusted Tuna - both were very good.

I do like that you can sit outside at this location - the Sandy Springs location lacks outside seating (not sure if you'd want to sit outside there or not - that location is fairly lacking in exterior views).

Bon appetit!

-- John

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