Monday, June 15, 2015

Junxion Restaurant and Bar - Chamblee Tucker Rd

The Junxion Restaurant and Bar is located at 3364 Chamblee-Tucker Rd, Atlanta GA 30341 in the North Hills shopping center just inside the perimeter anchored by Big Lots - it was formerly some country cooking place and previously a couple of Indian buffets. Its on the far right when facing the shopping center and is accompanied by several other good restaurants like Heart of India and Mediterranean Grocery.

 Chef Bless had Yush CafĂ© on Pleasantdale Rd and is known for his Ox Tails, West Caribbean flavors and South African treats. I was walking out of the nearby Sherwin Williams store and detected a delicious odor on the wind - this was a barrel smoker attended by Bless filled with Jerk Chicken. I started a conversation with him and he took me inside so I could look around. The business is just barely opened with a limited menu (at least the paper menu I was given) and a full bar.

Based on the number of customers who sat and ordered while I was there, Bless should do quite well. He offered up some jerk to me to sample - it was simply delicious - the sweet pepper sauce really made it a terrific combination of flavors - very savory and satisfying. I enjoyed talking to Bless (who didn't know me from Adam yet was very gracious and accommodating) - Bless loves his food and seems to get off on the good thoughts and well wishes he instills into his cooking.

Plantains (maduros)

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas and Cabbage

Imported Ginger Beer
I've since eaten at the Junxion on several occasions and have ordered takeout - most recently the suya  (marinated brisket cut in thin strips - this was something new for me and is a South African favorite) - it was intensely hot from the scotch bonnet peppers and oh-so-good!

-- John

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