Sunday, May 24, 2015

Your Pie - at Perimeter Center

Your Pie is located at 123 Perimeter Center W, Suiite 200, Atlanta GA 30346 in a large live/shop complex anchored by Target near Perimeter Mall. Nearby are Mimi's Cafe, Taco Mac, Long Horn Steaks, Fleming's and next door, Shane's Rib Shack. This is a favorite haunt for me as it's close to my old office location, and actually not very far from the new office.

Similar in concept to Maddio's down the street a way at the Walmart shopping center on Ashford-Dunwoody, Your Pie is hand's down superior for several reasons:

  1. Brick oven instead of a conveyer belt
  2. Availability of one of Atlanta's best craft beers, Orpheus Brewing
  3. Unlimited ingredients on your pie for one low price

You order at the counter at Your Pie - you can select one of about a half-dozen specialty pies or load up your own - I choose the latter but I have sampled several of their suggestions. I've tried the Lineage, the Southern Heat and the Great White - all are quite tasty and worth ordering if you're not up to the task of creation. Any of these pies can be found on a wheat, traditional or gluten free crust. Or choose a salad or panini, any for $7.99. Although you can get a cheaper pie at Maddio's, you're generally limited to three ingredients (for Maddio's Monday) - and really the oven makes all the difference.

The pies come out crisp and delicious (provided you didn't put too much stuff on it) - if you're preference is a neapolitan pie, limit your ingredients and put some fresh herbs on there. Otherwise, load up and eat if with a fork. Also, make sure you order an Orpheus Brewing Transmigration of the Soul - it's superb and you'll thank me for that one.

As a finale, order up some of the delicious gelato. Yeah Your Pie has all three of the food groups: pizza, beer and gelato. It doesn't get much better than this folks.

(shorter version of this review also posted to Yelp)
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