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Aladdin's Mediterranean Grill and Deli - Between Sandy Springs and Roswell

Aladdin's Mediterranean Grill and Deli is located at 8725 Roswell Rd, Atlanta GA 30350 near 400 and the Northridge Dr exit (take the right fork driving West onto Dunwoody Pl and enter the shopping center on your left before you hit Roswell Rd). There's a Starbucks in the same lot as well as an Arby's you can see from Roswell Rd. This is the same shopping center as Circle Sushi (to the left side of the building, closest to Dunwoody Pl). I'm not sure what to call this location - it's South of Roswell and north of Sandy Springs - Northridge?

The word for Aladdin is Terrific - actually if I could have two words, I'd say Terrific and Delicious. Three words your say? Terrific, Delicious and Generous! Usually when I'm feeling like Mediterranean I hit Mediterranean Bakery near my home - or if I'm at work (I work at Northpark near 400 and Abernathy), I head over to Cafe Sababa. If it's a special occasion, I seek Rumi's Kitchen on Roswell Rd (still consistently the best Persian I've found in Atlanta). I feel a bit like a turncoat saying this and no, Aladdin is no Rumi's, but I think the food is better than my usual standbys. Sorry Sababa, but Aladdin just has better food, hands-down.

The restaurant is rather unassuming, with a small room facing the sidewalk to the right of the door for hookah enthusiasts. You walk in and a blackboard to the left lists menu items. Specials can be found to the right of the register where you order, usually on a stand-up board. You can walk down and watch them assembling your food but you may as well get seated and wait for your number to be called. Make sure you grab utensils and your drink (try some of the flavorings to add to your tea - the mint and rosewater create something refreshing and unique).

Speaking of the soup - make sure you try the lentil soup for a great cold-weather treat. It's a great, low-fat way to get your meal started.

I'm also rather fond of the felafel at Aladdin's...

For the pita pocket sandwiches, I've tried the chicken and beef shawarma and the falafel. These come with a side, so every time you come you can try something different!

If you're feeling really hungry, the meals are huge - they come with your meat, a cup of really delicious rice, hummus, Jerusalem salad (tomatoes and cukes in a delicious yogurt with dill) and pita. Prices range from $9.95 for the falafel to $14.95 for the Kabob Sampler. They usually have some rather remarkable lamb chops that I've yet to order, but I've seen the dish and it smells divine! The prices at Aladdin are slightly higher than Mediterranean Bakery and Sababa, but they more than make up for the price with the quantity of food - the portions here are ginormous! When you pick up your food make sure you get a side of their really great hot sauce...

More plates:

The Chicken Shawarma Plate - delicious and what shawarma is all about.

The Aladdin's Kabob Sampler - if you're like me, you want to try everything!

The Shish Tawook Plate - this is my favorite, marinated chicken tenders grilled to perfection!

I've now had lunch at Aladdin a half dozen times and I'm happy to report that they are consistently good and very generous. The staff are very good and happy to accommodate your needs. You get so much that it's fairly easy to split one of the meals between two people - or the pitas are so stuffed that getting a pocket sandwich is an easy choice, especially when paired with the delicious green-lentil soup.

-- John

(shorter review also posted to Yelp)
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