Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thames Waterside Bar and Grill - Bristol Rhode Island

Thames Waterside Bar & Grill is located at 251 Thames St, Bristol RI 02809. It's basically on the end of a pier with a short inlet to one side and a fantastic view of Bristol Harbor. We visited the area and went to Thames on the recommendation of one of our vendors - this was both for a taste of the local grub and a fantastic waterfront view - the afternoon was extremely bright with blue skies and a low volume of tourists.

The place to sit at this restaurant is the deck - as you can see in the many photos. The menu was simple and more of what I think a tavern or bar would produce, but the highly coveted lobster roll could be found there which was of particular interest to me, having only experienced them in places where the lobster or preparation isn't particularly fresh. The service was very good - we actually got a bit of work done while enjoying the beautiful views and sunny day.

Sidd ordered a vegetarian Caprise Panini that he thought very tasty. I went for the lobster roll with slaw and a side-salad.

The lobster roll was fantastic with lobster falling in chunks as I tried to stuff an end into my mouth. The salad was a bit weak - more of an afterthought and certainly worthy of improvement - I've never understood the use of iceberg lettuce (other than in the fabulous bleu cheese wedge!).

No beer for me as we had an additional vendor to visit. See, proof that we were working. Enjoy the many photos...

-- John

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