Monday, March 30, 2015

Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion - Newport Rhode Island

"Johnny's" Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion is located at 55 Purgatory Rd, Middletown RI 02842 right at the "neck" driving into Newport. This was a fitting end to a very nice trip to the Providence area to visit vendors for work. We drove down towards Newport Beach and took in the sights, then started looking for a good lunch spot. Yelp provided several that all seemed to packed to enjoy so we ended up at the Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion by default due to the availability of parking. I'm glad we did as we both enjoyed the experience.

This place is huge and right off of the main drag coming across the inlet. It took just a few minutes to be seated outside where we aggregated with all the other tourists - yes this is a premium location with great views of the bay. It was still blindingly bright, even with the cirrus clouds hugging the sky's zenith.

There's a fairly extensive menu but luckily a single page lunch menu was available and I saw something that I wanted to try. We began with drinks - I started with a very nice Long Trail Brewing India Pale Ale - this is an unfiltered craft with a good bit of hops and citrus and a fairly clean finish. The beer itself has that unfiltered look that's more in line with homemade beers - if your place has the Limbo go with that as it's a bit better and more ABV (tried it elsewhere). The India Pale Ale worked well with lunch and the above-average warmth of the day. Sid decided to try a tawny port since ha hasn't had one previously - I think he liked it quite a bit!

For lunch I started with a very nice lobster bisque - it was certainly delicious. It was served with these Westminster Bakers Oyster Crackers which I pocketed for later.

Sid went with a salad which he said was very tasty and refreshing.

For the entree I decided to go with the fish-and-chips as they promised, and delivered cod. I thought the tarter sauce a bit heavy but it did have the promised lemon and saltiness of added capers. The slaw was very good and creamy.

Sid went with a side of macaroni and cheese, as there was a limited number of vegetarian options. I tasted and it was very good with a baked crust.

Service was good but not great - lot's of tables outside so it was a bit slow - also lots of intemperate and demanding tourists so I found nothing to fault. Our server was very knowledgeable in the food but knew squat about the beer (she did find someone to answered my questions). In all a very good lunch and good way to take in the day.

-- John

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