Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

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Blue Mountain Beach Creamery is located at 2129S County Rd 83, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. It's on the end of a building with a gravel parking lot. We came by after dinner one evening and it was packed - the line went down the steps and into the parking lot.

The place is a bit hard to find - look for a sign that just says "Ice Cream" with a topped-cone from the street. There's a single small window with an attendant  and a menu of what flavors they currently have. As with many other businesses along this area of the panhandle, Blue Mountain Beach Creamery takes cash only so make sure you have enough prior to ordering.

The guy behind the window was quite charming and many of the ladies we're quite taken by him. I can see him being a rising star in this remote part of Florida.I laughed as I saw him taking orders - it was quite a show.

Prices range from $3.95-5.95 for single or double scoops. This seems to be about the going rate for local, boutique ice cream (ask me how I know?). From the line of people, this is a favorite among locals (we were there off-season in mid-Sept). The list of flavors had many favorites along with a few unusual combinations. I choose the Coconut Chocolate Almond and found it quite good - this was a white coconut Ice Cream with chocolate chunks and almonds. A single scoop had me quite satisfied after a big dinner at Local Catch.

I didn't try the homemade waffle cone but others in our party did so I got a bite - quite good. I also tried a few other varieties of ice cream and they were all very creamy with rich, distinct flavors. I'll be coming back.

-- John

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