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Grecian Gyro Dunwoody

Grecian Gyro Dunwoody

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I've been eating at the Grecian Gyro location on Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker for many years. It's one of my favorite quick-gyro restaurants and relatively close to my house. I wrote a short review in 2010 on Yelp that you can read here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/grecian-gyro-tucker This newer location (I believe it's been open about a year) surprised me as I hadn't heard about it opening. It's very close to my work (about 5 minutes) and across from two of my other favorites (Farm Burger and Starbucks) so it's certainly along the beaten path for me. It's also extremely convenient being right off the interstate (well, it's actually off of the I285 West access road, Cotillion Dr - you use Exit 30 for N Peachtree Rd toward N Shallowford Rd/Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd and turn North on Chamblee-Dunwoody Dr) with a large Kroger as the anchor to the shopping center. I know, bored already with details - the problem is that this small restaurant is easy to miss - it's actually not part of the larger "Z" shaped line of stores but in a stand-alone row of buildings facing Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. It has a tiny parking lot but you can park anywhere around it and walk if it's filled.

The restaurant itself has a lunch counter with the menu posted on the wall behind the cashier. The kitchen is open so you can see how your food is being prepared. You basically get in line and make your voice your selections with the cashier - you should also input your phone number to get your freebies (there's a pad that counts up your purchases and tells you when you've hit any magic numbers for free drinks, etc. - this has replaced the punch cards from the older locations). Your receipt becomes your order number and they call it out when your food is up. Drinks, utensils, etc are at a counter to the left so pick up as your fill your cup.

The menu is fairly simple - you basically come to Grecian Gyro for the wraps with a choice of gyro meat (blend of beef and lamb), steak, chicken, souvlaka (pork), loukaniko (smoked sausage), tuna, veggie, feta or grilled cheese. These are relatively inexpensive ($5.29 - $3.49) and are your basic taco configuration (pita bread with meat, onion, tomato and sauce). You can add some delicious roasted "Grecian" potatoes and a drink for $3.50. Other sides include feta potatoes, spanakopita, dolmades and hummus (last comes with pita). I tend to order the Grecian Plates and in particular the Gyro plate - this is similar to the wrap only the pita is quartered, it's served on a plate and comes with a Grecian salad (iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, kalamata olive, feta and oily dressing) for prices ranging from $9.59 - $8.99. They also offer several salad combinations (your basic meaty salad) from $9.49 - $7.49. There's also a few add-ons (when I'm starving I go for the "double meat" option).

The sauce served here is interesting - it's not tzatziki (yogurt-cucumber) but rather a zesty and much heavier concoction, I believe made with mayo. I actually like it better than tzatziki on the gyro meat and love it on the potatoes (the Grecian potatoes on the menu have this drizzled on it - ask for it on the side instead). The food in general is very filling - you won't leave hungry. It's also very fast - yesterday we were in-and-out of Grecian Gyro and back to the office in 35 minutes (we arrived around 11:45 so that may be an optimal time). There were 2 people already in line and 2 tables with customers who had already ordered.

The restaurant is very clean and still sparkling with newness. Seating is a bit limited but you can always order to go then walk over to the outdoor tables under the awning by Starbucks/Farm Burger. It will make for a long walk to refill, however.

Grecian Gyro Salad

Gyro Plate

We've catered from this location a couple of times at work and they do a good job feeding 60-75 people. Don't get suckered into over-ordering the baklava - this is the commercial stuff and not homemade (it's still OK, just not the same as getting the real thing made with honey).

I believe this is a photo of the sign at the original location
In all a good, quick alternative to fast food. As their motto says "Once a week, eat Greek!"

-- John

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